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Due Diligence Documents
Due Diligence Documents

What to consider when you conduct a due diligence

Due Diligence

When looking to acquire a new business or perform a merger with another business, there are a few things that you should ultimately know about that business before purchasing it. While it may seem like everything is there in black and white before your eyes, every business has its secrets. As the business or individual looking to buy this new business, you have the right to perform your due diligence and see those dirty little secrets for yourself before jumping to buy this business. With 2 in every 3 business deals failing and leaving both the buyer and sellers there to pick up the pieces, shouldn’t you be able to take things more carefully.

Due Diligence Documents
Due Diligence Documents

What is Due Diligence?

Due Diligence is the investigation of a business or individual before the signing of a contract or act. This investigation should be done with care to prevent problems for the buyer or seller of a business or the signing of a deal with an individual. While there are examples of due diligence in legal matters, the business world sees it as a process that should be done voluntarily to ensure that the business deal goes smoothly. There are several examples that can be given pertaining to small and medium businesses, such as a merger, privatization, acquisition, and so much more.

Framework of Due Diligence

You can easily break the process of due diligence into 9 different areas to make the business deal go smoother. Each of these audits will provide you with not only peace of mind of the deal as a whole, but let you know what the business may be hiding before you purchase it. There are audits for compatibility, macro-environment, marketing, financial, legal, management, production, information systems, and finally reconciliation. If any of these audits don’t sit well, then the merger may be likely to fail.


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