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… literally my first post

Hi folks,

I just started with my personal blog and these are the first lines. Feel free to comment and I’ll be happy to respond.

A few words first: If you want to learn more about me and my life, check my personal page here.


If you wonder (like I did) why I chose this name for my blog: Well, after a longer conversation with a friend of mine who is doing online marketing for a long whilem he conviced me to choose a domain name that was used by someone else a while ago.

I’m not sure if this is reasonable or not: In fact it’s a pretty short name – and over time we all will get used to it.


The reason why I am starting to write a blog is simple: I heart from friends and school-mates that they are makeing a bit of a living from blogging and selling goods online. So why not do the same?

Let me know what you think about it.


Cheers Mat